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Life In Colour Puzzle - 1000pc

Honeysuckle Store welcomes La La Land to our home gifting collection!

Introducing the Life In Colour Table Puzzle – a 1000-piece culinary journey that features a stunning hand-painted tablescape scene from our Life In Colour collection, paying homage to the languid beauty of long summer lunches where the vibrant hues of life come together in all their splendour.

Piece by piece, immerse yourself in the artistry of this puzzle as it transports you to a world where delectable dishes, lush surroundings, and lively conversations blend seamlessly. Designed for those who savour the pleasures of both food and travel, the Life In Colour Table Puzzle offers a delightful challenge suitable for ages 12 and up.

As you assemble this captivating puzzle, you'll witness the intricate details of the tablescape adorned with culinary delights, capturing the spirit of shared meals and the joy of exploration.

Whether you're a culinary connoisseur or an avid traveller, this puzzle invites you to experience the beauty of life in full colour.

1,000 pieces puzzle, with matching puzzle in printed box.