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Good Evening Puzzle - 1000pc

Honeysuckle Store welcomes La La Land to our games collection!

Introducing the Good Evening Jigsaw Puzzle – a 1000-piece masterpiece that brings the enchanting world of Australia's native nocturnal animals to life. Immerse yourself in the magic of the evening with this captivating puzzle, featuring stunning illustrations of Australia's unique creatures and the native blooms that surround them.

As the sun sets over the vast landscapes, this puzzle showcases the beauty of the Australian bush at night. From the adorable koala to the elusive quoll, each piece unveils a charming scene where native wildlife thrives amidst their stunning native blooms.

Designed for those who harbor a love for Australian native wildlife, the Good Evening Jigsaw Puzzle is a perfect combination of education and entertainment. Suitable for ages 12 and up, this puzzle offers a delightful way to connect with the fascinating nocturnal world of Australia.

1,000 pieces puzzle, with matching puzzle in printed box.