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Dream Aromatherapy Spray

Honeysuckle Store welcomes Mindful & Co to our children gifting edit.

Babies, children and teenagers need the restorative powers of sleep to reset their minds, aid physical healing and help the creative brain to process and develop.

As parents, it’s important that we do everything in our power to ensure our little ones sleep deeply and soundly, every night. Scent can be one of the most powerful ways to induce a natural slumber and children easily learn to associate the soothing notes of our Dream Aromatherapy Mist with winding down and bedtime. Gentle, warming notes of witch hazel, vetiver, lavender and roman camomile infuse the air around them, helping them to slowly take stock of the day before drifting off into a quiet, peaceful sleep.

How to use:

Spray 2-3 spritzes around their bedroom before bed or naptime. We recommend implementing a mindful breathing ritual with your child before sleep to make it an engaging experience they look forward to.Pick your favourite affirmation, “I am smart”, “I try my hardest”, “Kindness is best”, “I love my siblings”, and repeat it with them, eyes closed. Practice a few long, deep breaths in and out together. This slows their heart rate; a natural inducer of sleep. You may guide them through with your own affirmations if you like!