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Art of Doing Nothing

First there was  hygge , now there’s niksen  – a simple Dutch philosophy for anyone looking to slow down, relax and daydream.
'Time is money. Stop being lazy. Do something .'

Everyday we’re told to get up, take action and be if you work hard, you’ll make it. But your body is desperate for you to stop, your frantic mind craves a timeout, and your friends and family are finding you more moody and stressed than ever. It’s time for some Dutch find out when, how and why to do nothing with niksen , the Dutch ‘be idle’ philosophy that is taking the world by storm. 

Niksen literally means to do nothing, but it's not the same thing as boredom or laziness.  Niksen helps to free you from the daily grind of work, family demands and social pressure, to destress and just… stop. In this book, Dutch mindfulness expert Annette Lavrijsen shows you how, through daily practice, and by following the exercises within, you will grow comfortable with yourself, with silence and will reap niksen ’s countless rewards.
Niksen is about the enjoyment of life’s little pauses. It's not the easiest thing to commit to at first; we are used to having our attention and diaries consumed, and doing nothing doesn't come to us naturally. But with some sensible scheduling and a smart mindset it’s easy to fit into your day, and soon will become your essential daily pick-me-up. Stop worrying about you have to do next or over analysing every thought. Instead, use your timeout to let your mind recuperate and take a moment to yourself.